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The place where you can sell your Mobile Phone for Cash in minutes.

Affiliated Partners

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Welcome to Cash for Phones :

Cash for Phones is Australia's #1 website that is specifically tailored for individuals and businesses to sell mobile phones in return for CASH. Selling your old or unwanted mobile phones makes good sense environmentally, socially and also economically. Not only will you receive CASH for your mobile phone, you will also help protect the environment and help raise money for a charity of your choice.

How to get cash for your mobile phone

Getting cash for your mobile phone is easy and takes 2 minutes! To sell your mobile phone simply:

  • Select your mobile phone and find how much it's worth.
  • Place your sale order on line.
  • Post your mobile phone at any post office box. Free Postage.
  • We will then post you a cheque.

Cash for phones principal activities focus on re-use which is considered to be the best form of recycling. Mobile phones that cannot be re-used are sent for disposal in an environmentally friendly manner with licensed recyclers.

Get cash for mobiles today and help the evnironment!